tesco isabella cot bed with changer Tesco isabella cot bed with changer

This thread is where all your questions about maternity clothes, the best places to buy baby monitors, and answers to where to find baby shops around Sheffield can be found! Feel free to start a new thread if you can't find what you're after in here, but be aware that it'll move here eventually. I went to BabyCare on Shalesmoor and have had nothing but wonderful service from them. Great range of stuff too - more than places like ToysRUs or Argos.

I got most of my daughters stuff from there. Wait for a sale if you have time and use the vouchers from their catalogue for insultingly good savings. The sense of second hand cots is good but there's research which suggests the MRSA bug could be responsisble for cot deaths in some cases and that the virus sits in used mattreses, used wicker of moses baskets and in the wood of used cots.

If you get a second hand cot, use bleach or water over 60 degrees or a steam cleaner to kill potential MRSA bugs. It's not meant as a scare story - but surely worth doing anyway. Ive also posted on the General Chat forum but there is probably more chance someone has visited such a shop on this forum. Freya has her first nursery party on Thursday and Ive just realised that the tights I bought to go with her outfit are huge.

I dont want her to go as Nora Batty, Ive tried Woolworths and the Co-op but they dont have her size or anything at all. We havent lived around here that long so I dont know where all the shops are yet, but Im sure someone on the forum can direct me. We are still all struggling with the virus so a trip to town or meadowhell isnt on the cards.

I can't remember any others, other than woolies in hillsborough - maybe morrisons?? They only sell babies and children's clothes. Never been in mind - it looks pricey! My partner has never stopped going on about them, but Im still virus laden so couldnt cope with another shop! Thanks everyone for your replies. Looks like there is a gap in the market in Hillsborough! I'd hate to buy any other clothes from there, I bet they cost a fortune.

I only used to live round the corner from that shop, I must have forgotton it on purpose! I had probs with their website too.

I wasnt that impressed, nothing jumped out at me as being really special. I agree theres a gap in the market! For the most part, I've ended up simply buying bigger sized clothes not maternity at places like New Look to save money. The stuff in Mother Care is nice but I think it's a little expensive, especially considering how much your shape can change over the 9 months.

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I found Mothercare and many other maternity shops outrageously overpriced, especially as I was not going to be wearing them that long!!!! Like many many others on a tight budget, especially considering the hole in the pocket that bump is going to turn into, I ended up buying big sizes from Matalan, Readman, New Look, etc.

If it was good value, I would come and find you and give you a big hug!! I would most definitely should I get pregnant again. The range in the shops was terrible so I ended up doing all mine mail order. Maternity clothes are often overpriced. So to answer the actual question, yes, a shop selling decent maternity clothes at a decent price would be most welcome!

So i would definitely have used it if it was good value or second hand stuff. I ended up buying a lot of used stuff on Ebay and then re-selling it all afterwards.

Got most of my money back. New look dont fit as well as they used to and i have to agree with the other forummer who mentioned coats. My boobs have got a lot bigger so i struggle to get any as bigger sizes are way too big in every other places. I considered having a go myself but I'm sticking my fingers in other pies right now. Furthermore, breastfeeding clothing is ill considered sometimes and rarely caters for multiples in that way either.

I couldn't get a coat either a lived in an large fleece or large cardies through the short time I had to. Hi, I've just bought some lovely maternity tops from www.

Would definitely recommend it!! And that tall women or those with long legs also have babies. Big sis still has 16 weeks to go, and is now at the loosest fitting on the trousers that took her all the way through niecelet being born, but can't find any trousers with long enough legs, or a coat with long enough sleeves.

Any recommendations where to buy locally? Had a look at CCC so far http: Any experiences with other manufacturers? Going to Scotland in June and feel this would be a good purchase.

I carry my daughter on my back whilst I do my housework and whilst shopping. You can get information on both types of carriers on this site www.

HTH commuter , Has a built in torso support, headrest, footrest, storage, sun shade, rain cover, changing mat, drinks carrier etc We already have a Didymos bought for us as a present before my wife moved over from Germany but this is not going to be the most comfortable for our trip to Glencoe and Ben Nevis. My son and I usually have high body temperatures and both enjoy the outdoors but we both end up very wet when I carry him in the sling and as we plan on spending a lot of time in the Peaks this year as well we thought this kind of carrier would be the best mode of transport for C Jnr.

I guess it's horses for courses, slings are great if you want to carry children round whilst doing housework but if you're on a rocky path in the highlands I feel a back carrier is a better option. Not sure what you're implying by "good and safe carriers" but I would say this covers both of those categories medusa , It looks far more of a dad-sized thing than a mum-sized thing, so it's possible that it could rule out swapping who carries the little one, but you're the only people who could judge that.

My husband is tall and says it is comfortable even with little 'un growing , especially because of the adjustable back. We walk a lot and my husband has not complained yet. I too didnt want to pay Mothercare prices for work so I resorted to charity shops and Evans and all I needed was plain trousers for work.: The next child to try this particular carrier did just that which is why we didn't buy the display model which was the only one in stock. There was a very helpful member of staff in there called Luke who talked us through the features including the best way to put it on and take it off without tipping C Jnr out.

In short we have one on order from their branch in Coventry and look forward to using it in the next few months with a trip to Austria, Germany and Scotland coming up as well as the odd day out in the peaks. Medusa - the length of the back is fully adjustable so it can become a Mum sized thing as well but, given that Mrs C is 5' 10' it's not going to need much adjustment.

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  • Next time definitely, I had nothing to wear when heavily preg last summer- I had a lot of the long sjeap t shirts from Primark not maternity but long enough to wear over bump , one white embroidered maternity skirt from mothercare, one pair of mternity jeans from mothercare which by the way are sooo overpriced!!!

    Oh, some balck trousers from George at Asda not good in that sort of heat lol! D snooze , I mean yeah dress them smart by almeans for parties and photo's etc but no need to put my boys in suits.

    Jeans and t shirts all the way for my two savbaby , She has boots just now bt they are sensible flat boots. The do sell heels for 2 year olds and ts quite worrying! She is almost out of her boots now and will be gettin a pair of trainers for summer time. The only thing which they have which is frequently worn by adults too is several fake fur gilets. I'll keep them as kids for as long as it seems appropriate.

    Kids grow up too quickly as is -Without makin em look years older: D My mum bought mini sav some pink Sprakly shoes to wear Xmas day. She loves them and always on about her sparkly shoes: I dont buy it either, thats what my mum is for: Any event mini sav is going too i am like, cant find a dress or shoes D Zebra , It one of those thing which endlessly makes me curious having my own twins.

    Zara I love Zara for kids nightwear. Stephen has four grandchildren two of which did Signing classes in his native home of Southampton and two of which did not and these are his own words:

    I actually got a lecture about dressing them the same from some woman working in Next Clearance, she was in favour and said it looked better. Both get most of there gear from Next, trendy and casual. She has a little wardrobe of sensible things, that she starts each day dressed in, and a huge dressing up box of weird and wonderful things that she changes into through the day. It's not unusual to take a flamenca dancer to the supermarket, or to a swimming lesson.

    She's only 3, and we're working on the principle that she's only going to be a small child and have that sort of innocence and creative play for a short time, and there's no real reason why she can't wear play dresses for most of the time.

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  • When she does have to wear sensible clothes she likes all sorts of things and is happy to wear both party dresses and more practical clothes- but she won't be growing up any faster than she has to. She has the right to be a child. I've had Spiderman sat in my supermarket trolley on several occasions. When Mrs S was in Jessops with little surfin 2, junior surfin 1 always wanted to visit in his doctors outfit.

    I don't think they'd like too anyhow I said because they're different people and we don't dress them the same. I said, 'But dressing them the same would give people the idea that they are the same personalities and try and treat them the same and our girls are like chalk and cheese. It would be unfair on them. And they're not identical, this ones a red head and this ones a blonde.

    tesco isabella cot bed with changer Tesco isabella cot bed with changer

    I felt it would be sensible to leave just then. The jackets look lovely, one has flowers all round the hems and lapels and the other has mirror sequins on the pockets and front. If I dressed my kids as mini mes I reckon my big lad may object to stiletto boots and a mini skirt:



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