stokke cot bed used Stokke cot bed used

Should they share a little crib? Or should we think long-term and just start with giant cotbeds? And co-bedding in general?

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And oh god what if they keep each other awake and drive each other crazy? And where will we, the supposed responsible adults in this situation, choose to sleep?

stokke cot bed used Stokke cot bed used

Should we give up all notions of sharing a marital bed now? Should we move downstairs? If that last paragraph was exhausting to read then please, consider it an insight into how exhausting I have found my inner dialogue for as long as I care to remember.

We are very lucky in that we had options, we had a choice of rooms to convert into a nursery. In hindsight this was the incredibly obvious way to do things, but hey! Pregnancy has transformed me into an illogical moron.

stokke cot bed used Stokke cot bed used

We knew we wanted to follow NHS guidelines and share a room with the twins, but given the fact there are two babies it seemed as always like our options were that bit different to the other parents-to-be cooing over the moses baskets in John Lewis. And then we had a breakthrough! Cots, prams, bouncers — you name it. I was spending half my free time on BabyCentre and the other half designing the dream nursery on the Stokke website.

I was convinced the Sleepi bed was the solution for us. Crucially, they feel very safe. They fit through all our doorways and our downstairs seems to be the ideal layout to maximise this wheel-about potential.

If you are looking for a postpartum mama cloth option, her pads are exceptional. Though they use solid Beechwood, dovetailed drawers, and non-toxic no-VOC finishes, Silva does not have the Greenguard certification to help keep costs low.

I can wheel them anywhere! I have since retracted this comment and if you are reading this in the future dear babies, I am sorry that I said you could live in the hall. They may want their own space, they may want to be together. They may hate the Sleepyheads, they may not sleep without them. I should also point out that if space is limited for sharing a bedroom in the first six months, the Sleepi does also come in a Mini size.

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  • I wanted us to start with the larger Sleepi Bed so we had the option of having two Sleepyheads in one cot. AND I will of course be doing a little nursery tour blog post once our families know the genders.

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  • I have been contacted by a lot of brands during the pregnancy about reviewing various items, including cot manufacturers. Stokke provided me with these cots to review and I am exceptionally grateful that they did so, especially as I am under no obligation to write positively about them.

    Ours, rather unusually, came on the high seas, some twenty years ago. What to watch out for The sides are fixed so can mean a bit of back-bending to get your baby in and out.

    I have no paid relationship with Stokke. Shopping for a newborn is expensive doubly so for twins! You can read more about how I work with brands on my disclosure page here. You may also like:



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