slay cot bed Slay cot bed

This cot is ideal for co-sleepers. Co-sleeping can be safe and secure, with baby asleep adjacent to the bed, in reaching distance to you in the night.

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  • A stand-out feature is that the crib can be tilted, which can help babies with reflux sleep comfortably. The removable side allows newborns to sleep safely in their crib while mum and dad rests next to them, without being in the same bed, making it convenient to breastfeed and reassure baby. Next2Me has been designed to securely attach to any bed using a special strap.

    Complete with a padded mattress, Next2Me transforms into a standalone crib away from the bed as baby grows. Its six adjustable heights on both legs allow the crib incline, helping with reflux and congestion. Would you recommend this to other mums? Yes, I would because it's good value for money, considering how long it lasts!

    It's safer than a Moses basket, in my opinion, and a lovely, secure way of co-sleeping. We took ours away with us and it was so easy to fold up completely flat to transport. Then, once we had arrived, it was really easy to rebuild! Feels strong and sturdy and I really like it. How did this product make your life easier? This was much easier to use than a Moses basket. My back was hurting from having to lean over the bed to lift baby out, but with this crib next to me, I just sat up and scooped baby out!

    During the night, if baby cried, I could reach in and hold his hand or stroke him to comfort him back to sleep. I loved being able to see him lying next to me, knowing he was safe and that I couldn't roll onto him. Would you choose this product to win? Yes, I think it should win. It's much sturdier than other similar products on the market and looks a lot nicer. It also comes in a choice of colours that are all really pretty. I found that I could get sheets to fit the mattress cheap and easily as well!

    It is sturdy and is bigger than others I have seen in the shops, so will last longer. What changes would you make to this product? I can't think of anything I would change about this crib. I loved all of the features and found that baby slept really well.

    I would recommend the Chicco Next2me because it is easily assembled, washable and also spacious. Baby has a nice and comfy place to sleep, without getting lost in a huge cot. The design also helps babies with reflux problems as you can tilt it.

    The Chicco Next2me is the perfect solution for those who want to have baby close, but not necessarily in their own bed. The crib fits perfectly onto the side of the bed and leaves virtually no gap between the two, so that you have super easy access to the crib.

    Even the cot fixing-bolts have softly shaped heads to keep little fingers safe. At first I was a bit sceptical about having it so close to me, but it works really well. I think this product should win and would highly recommend it to any mum.

    It is so convenient, especially during night-feeds, as you can get baby out of the crib without getting up and struggling too much. The Chicco Next2me is lightweight, but very robust in structure. The cover is washable and the mattress is generously spacious. Baby can stay very close to his parents without waking them up with every movement.

    The parents also have easy access to the bed thanks to the removable side. The crib can also be used as a stand-alone bed once baby has settled in. This is a great product and I would not choose to improve anything. I would recommend this product based on its versatility and usability.

    Some cribs you can have next to the bed, others tilt to help reflux, and others you can rock. This crib encompasses all three elements. It is also really easy to assemble and use. This product makes my life easier as it has a tilt setting, which is a godsend if your baby has reflux.

    The crib is also lightweight and you can gently rock it, which is great for getting my daughter to sleep. Although I love this crib, I think that the quality of the materials is not as good as in other products I have seen.

    It feels a little flimsy and not very durable. Therefore, I probably would not choose it to win over all others. I would like it to have a detachable basket, like some of the other cribs on the market, so you could use it around the house, for daytime naps for example.

    I love the Chicco Next2Me crib and would definitely recommend it to a fellow mum. It's the perfect way to safely co-sleep with your baby from day one, and they can happily sleep next to you for six months as there is plenty of room to enable growth.

    I found it so reassuring to have baby next to me as I can keep an eye on her and it was easy to breastfeed in the night as the crib is so accessible. The crib also has six different height adjustments to connect to different bed sizes, which I found very useful. It's easy to clean, the mattress is provided and the crib can be transported using the travel bag.

    I think this product should win and would highly recommend it to any mum. I used it with my first baby for six months, before we transferred her into a cot in her own room, and are now using it with our second baby as she feels so safe and secure inside! It's a purchase that improves sleep cycles for all the family. The one aspect that I would change is that the crib is rather difficult to move without collapsing it completely.

    It's not a product that you could take downstairs during the day and reconnect to your bed at night very easily. I decided to purchase a Moses basket for baby downstairs and keep the crib connected to the bed.

    Therefore, if it was detachable from the frame for easy transportation, it would be ideal! I would recommend this product, particularly to a friend who is breastfeeding, as it allows easy and quick access to the baby. I would also recommend it to anyone whose baby will not settle in a Moses basket as they are more restrictive for baby.

    The recline mechanism is very easy to use and is particularly helpful for a baby who has reflux or mucus issues! The Chicco Next2me makes life easier as a mum because it allows your baby to sleep next to you safely. The drop-down side means you can comfort them and be close, without the need to put the baby in your bed. The mesh side also lets you and baby see each other, which provides peace of mind in the early stages.

    I would choose this product above other products on the market because it is so easy to adjust the gradient of the mattress if you have an unsettled baby with reflux and I can reach out and touch baby in the middle of the night.

    The only thing is that the frame is quite awkward to pack flat for travelling. I would make the mattress softer and more comfortable. At the moment, it is a little rigid. I would also make the frame a little sturdier, as it can feel wobbly at times. This is a crib that will last a baby from birth until at least six months. It is larger than a moses basket but is very lightweight and can easily be folded down into a travel bag if you wish to take it somewhere with you. It has several different height adjustments so that you can set it up to suit you and your baby.

    I really wish we'd had one of these for our first born.

    slay cot bed Slay cot bed

    This crib can be used in different ways to meet the needs of the mother and the baby. It can be attached directly to your bed to facilitate co-sleeping or can be set up as a separate crib. It was very easy to lift my baby in and out of the crib and he slept really well in it. This crib makes it so easy to have your baby sleeping in the same room as you and it is a good looking piece of baby equipment. One of my favourite features was that the head end could be very easily elevated to help a baby who has reflux, wind or colic.

    It's much safer and secure than trying to prop up a Moses basket using books! My son also liked to observe the world through the mesh panel on the one side when it was set up as a separate crib.

    Because the crib is large, you need to purchase specific bedding which isn't a problem but I do think the crib should come with a waterproof mattress cover. This would help a parent to quickly change the sheets and get the baby back to sleep in the crib if the baby is sick or if their nappy leaks during the night. I would recommend this to my friend and family.

    It is very easy to assemble, I like how it has a removable cover on the mattress I have a sicky baby.

    It's much sturdier than other similar products on the market and looks a lot nicer. Baby can stay very close to his parents without waking them up with every movement. I think this product should win.

    The mattress is thick enough and comfy for my son who is sleeping very well in it. It s quite a bit bigger than Moses baskets, so baby will not grow out of it for a long time. I can do the night feeds much easier and quicker. Anything that helps with the night feeds is a winner to me!!

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  • Not having to get out of bed to pick your baby up is brilliant. At first I was a bit sceptical about having it so close to me, but it works really well. Being able to use it as a cot or having it next to you is great. I think this product should win. I have a baby that suffers from reflux, so having the ability to raise one end of the cot to help with his problem is great, it beats putting something at one end or folded towels under the mattress.

    If you want to keep your baby in the same room as you for the recommended 6 months then it is ideal as your baby can out grow a Moses basket. The only thing I would change is the feet, I feel that they are a little too thin, making the cot a bit wobbly. Also when the feet are bent to allow the cot to go next to you bed , they could do with being locked in position.

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