jamestown cot bed measurements Jamestown cot bed measurements

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jamestown cot bed measurements Jamestown cot bed measurements

A large coal shed was saved bv I the exertions of the coastguards, who isolated it by cutting away the platform. It was stated that the fire originated in the porters' room. Stuart Mills, Roman Catholic priest, on account of ill-health resigned the mission at Chepstow some few weeks ago. He went to Sidmouth for a change of air, but died there on Tuesday morning. Father Stuart Mills came from Canton, Cardiff, some four years ago, and during his short residence in Chepstow became much respected and gene.

He was born at Pantanamlwg, iu the parish of. David's College, Lampeter, and was ordained in by the late Bishop Thirlwall to the curacy of Borth, near Aberystwith. He afterwards became vicar of Llanychaiarn. Since he had, held the living of Llanfi- hangel-Ystrad. He had two brothers, who died at Oxford jost- bof-ore finishing their course, and two sons who died respectively at Oxford and Durham at the end of their collegiate career, and another son just when entering college.

His only living son is the Rev. Richard Lewis Morgan, reclor of Llanfr hangel-Cwmdu. He married Miss Rowlands. The funeral is to be to-morrow Thursday at Llansantffraid Churchyard. The living is in the gift of the Bishop of St. Evill, Pwlweyric, near Chepstow, retired architect, died on Monday after a short illness. Deceased was the designer of the girls' and boys' school at Chepstow. At a special service held in St. Peter's, Carmarthen, to the archdeaconry of Carmarthen.

Henry Evans, late curate of Dow- lais, diocese of Llandaff, to the rectory of Llangwm. IBedwellty Board of Guardians. Cite Share Bedwellty Board of Guardians. James and Morgan, architects, Car- diff, and the clerk reported that he had for- warded them to the Tredegar Company, with a request to quote terms for the purchase of the freehold of the land required for the erec- tion of the homes.

Simpson as medical officer for the Nantyglo and Blaina district. Simpson was made in strict accordance wifh the requirements of the Local Govern- ment Board, and the clerk was instructed to communicate with that authority to that effect. There are 4, muscles in the body of a moth. It is illegal to practice hypnotism in Belgium. Thoroughbred dogs are less intelligent than mongrels.

Nearly all the Royal personages of Europe are cousins.

Use a king size mattress set to find a better way to approach your comfort and support every night. New techniques for printing on the fabrics also allowed portions of fabric to be shaded, which heightens the three-dimensional effect of the designs, the background fabric is typically white or off-white, allowing maximal contrast to the delicate designs.

London requires , cows to supply it with dairy produce. International money order business is now transacted with 42 countries. On February 1, , an international system of magnetic observations will be established.

Russia is' believed to be making a great effort to get within her i-ontrol the overland China tea trade. Grasse, in France, contains over 11m factories which distil perfumes from the flowers of the orange, jasmine, rose, violet, cassia, tuberose and other plants.

California lemons are driving Sicily lemons out of the market, it is claimed, because they posses greater weight, juciness, and citric acid.

jamestown cot bed measurements Jamestown cot bed measurements

About one and three-quarter millions sterl- ing was spent on the great Ohenab irrigating canal in India; but the crops of last year from the irrigated lands are valued at twice that amount.

The authorities at Minden, Germany, have made a bacteriological examination of school inks. Canaiia's entire surplus crop of hay and oats is being marketed this year to the British Government for the use of the Army in South Africa. An extra fleet of steamers will soon begin transporting this forage to the seat, of war. Every horse in the British Army is num- tered, and has a little history, kept for it all to itself.

How completely the purchase system abolished 30 years ago has disappeared from the British Army is shown by the fact that there is now but one officer of cavalry and only fourteen of infantry who obtained their frst commissions under it. Bubonic plague is spreading in Honolulu, particularly among the Asiatics, and it is charged that the health authorities of the city are concealing the facts, the Honolulu papers not being allowed to print any particulars. The port of Honolulu is to be quarantined against the world.

There are clocks in Buckingham Palace, and it is a work of no small importance to keep them all going. Some of them are as old aa the time of Louis XVI. How little the population of France moves about is shown by the last census.

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  • Out of 38,, inhabitants 21, Only 1,, have emigrated to France from colonies or foreign countries. Yet France sets up to be a colonising power.

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    The largest gold coin now in circulation is the gold ingot or "loof" of Anam, a French colony in Eastern Africa. Little grains of sand. Make the milkman wealthy.

    And the grocer grand. The plague during was reported in the following countries: A daisy has been produced in California that ia a floral wonder. Measuring more than a foot in circumference and with three or more rows of petals of purest white, it is as yet merely a beautiful curiosity, but before long it is likely to find its way inib general cultivation.

    It has been named the "Shasta daisy," and the grower who originated it says it was obtained by crossing the common American field daisy with the Japanese and European f-eld daisy with the Japanese and European kinds. The flowers when cut remain perfectly fresh and in good condition for two weeks or more. Many very amusing things happen on the battlefield which, in eome degree, atone for the terrible experiences of carnage.

    An un- usual incident, perhaps hitherto unrelated in print, occurred during the American War. A Confederate staff officer had been carefully covered by a Northerner's rifle. He immediately rushed forward, cryiuJ, "Don't shoot, don't shoot! It will be remembered that the German savant caused the great sensation of the congress by asserting that human and bovine tuberculosis are distinct diseases. This is now to be put to the test by experiments of the most exhaus- tive nature, which will be spread over a period ol at least two years.

    It will not be surprising if the Stansted farm should teach us ar much about this fell disease as the Rothamsted experimental farm has increased our knowledge of agricultural chemistry.

    A few extracts from the Manitoba Prohibi- tion Act are enough to show its stringent character. No person say3 the Act shall keep liquor for sale without having first obtained a drag- gist's wholesale licence or a druggist's retail licence. Clergymen can buy wine for sacra- mental purroses, but must not have more than two gallon"? Dentists are allowed to have enly one vi, of liquor in their posses- sion. A veterinary surgeon is permitted to have a gallon of liquor on hand, but no per- son shall drink or consume any of this liquor.

    A record of every sale made by a druggist is to be kept, and full particulars are to be writ- ten. Every applicant for a drug licence must be recommended by the chief inspector, and if in a city must own a stock worth 1, dol- lars. The history of the blockhouse as an engine of war is interesting at the present juncture. They seem to have been first extensively used by the Russians in their long war for the sub- jugation of Caucasia; and the teaching of that campaign -eema to be that they are a sure but a very slow mode of conquest.

    The RuMians bewail to build them to "wall in" Sehamyl in It was until that that warrior prophet was walled in and caught. A fresh set of blockhouses had then to be con- structed to wall in the tribes still in revolt.

    This took another five years, the final sur- render not taking place until In one ambush in a forest Cite Share Artificer's Strange Death. An inquest was held at Queens town en Tuce- day afternoon relative to the deaTh of Albert Edward Weekes, artificer of the battleship Empress of India, whose body was found float- ing near his ship in the morning. Cite Share Forthcoming Lecture at Cardiff. Principal Lloyd Morgan, F. His subject will be, "Some diverse standpoints in the interpretation of Nature.

    Charge Against a Quarryman. Cite Share Charge Against a Quarryman. For the defence it was urged that the girl gave him the watch, and becoming jealous bccause he went out with another woman charged him with tlieft.

    Mary-street, Cardiff, it was received and duly confirmed that the company be wound up voluntarily. Ivor James Roberts, of Caledonian-chambers, St.

    Mary- street, Cardiff, has been appointed liquidator for the purposes of such winding up. Fined for Laying Poison. Cite Share Fined for Laying Poison.

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  • At Colchester on Tuesday a chemist and a farmer were fined 5s. Cite Share Local Will. Reported Massacre in China. Cite Share Reported Massacre in China. Chinese native papers report that a French missionary, named May. There is no official corrobo- lation of the statement.



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