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For latest News Baby Sleep Bags The use of baby sleep bags has increased dramatically within the British population over the last decade. Parents report that sleep bags are a convenient alternative to traditional bedding, and help their babies sleep better by preventing them from kicking off blankets and becoming cold during the night.

grobag gro-to-bed cot bed bedding Grobag gro-to-bed cot bed bedding

Very little epidemiological support exists for this, as few SIDS risk studies have examined sleep bag use. The relationship between bedding, temperature and SIDS Since the s there has been considerable scientific interest in the relationship between infant thermal environments and the risk of SIDS.

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  • A number of case-control studies conducted prior to the Back to Sleep campaign demonstrated that infants whose deaths were designated as SIDS tended to be exposed to greater insulation from more bedding thicker or more layers , clothing, and higher ambient temperature than control infants. They also suggested the rate of SIDS was significantly higher during the winter months due to changes in thermal care practices during these months e.

    I love the design features of the month Grobag. So, before removing the sides from his cot, I decided that it would be a good idea to actually get him used to having a proper duvet and pillow. The designs are lovely; suitable for boys and girls.

    Fleming et al ; Ponsonby et al Excessive bedding or high ambient room temperature and head covering may affect various aspects of infant physiology, with potentially negative consequences. An important limitation of research into the safety and effects of all types of bedding, however, is the complexity of determining accurate absolute and comparative real-world insulation values of bedding. This is difficult for individual items, but is vastly more so when attempts are made to estimate the effects of multiple items or layers Cronin-de-Chavez Sleep bags, SIDS and safety While infant sleep bags are now sold as a simple to use and safe alternative to sheets and blankets, it is important to recognise that little is known about two important factors: And secondly, how does the use of infant sleep bags affect infant sleep physiology?

    Are the claims made regarding sleep bag safety evidence based? No research study has yet been published which a establishes whether or not sleep bags are safer than traditional bedding with regard to SIDS risk, b examines the effect of sleep bags on infant temperature during night-time sleep, or c investigates how parents use sleep bags in combination with other bedding or clothing. While a British Safety Standard for infant sleep bags exists, it is based on a relatively simplistic analysis of the tog value of materials used, and fails to take account of the many environmental and physiological variables that ultimately impact infant temperature Cronin-de-Chavez To date two studies have examined the physiological effects of sleep bag use, but have done so only during daytime naps, not during the night.

    One study Sauseng et al.

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    A more recent paper by the same team Sauseng et al. How parents use, and understand the purpose of, infant sleep bags is an important gap in current knowledge. How are infants dressed when using sleep bags?

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  • Surprisingly, those using infant sleep bags had the highest levels of insulation compared to other forms of bedding. While this is ironic as those mothers using the highest levels of insulation were also higher education, higher income, and potentially more SIDS aware, and infant sleep bags are often promoted as a simple and safe way to avoid over-wrapping and overheating , it does not necessarily indicate that these mothers were using an unsafe level of insulation.

    However, his room's quite small and it's very limited to where his cot was placed which was by his window. If he continues to sleep well in his snuggle sac we will be saving up for another one! I sort of got it wrong and ended up shelling out twice.

    Baby sleep bags are now a widely used alternative to traditional bedding, despite very little being known about the behavioural and physiological consequences of their use.



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