cot bunk bed for twins Cot bunk bed for twins

Assembly requires two adult persons.

PTSS Rail System Patient transfer support system Provides firm support for safe and easy patient egress and ingress Anti-contamination flap covers the zipper reducing the possibility of contaminating the foam core Fire Retardant: Twin XL There are subcategories of double beds to consider as well.

Glue and insert the dowels as shown the diagram provided and tap in lightly with a hammer. DO NOT over-hit the dowels. Do not put dowels in the bolt holes. These are packed with the laths. Insert glue only into the holes in the ends of the end rails.

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  • Select one pair of corner posts. Select the side of the corner post with four 4 sets of holes as shown the diagram. Attach 4 end rails to one leg first see diagram then to the other leg 8 x 6mm x 80mm connector bolts and 8 half moon nuts. Tap the legs to close any gaps then tighten the bolts. There is no need to overtighten.

    In the early Middle Ages they laid carpets on the floor or on a bench against the wall, placed upon them mattresses stuffed with feathers , wool , or hair , and used skins as a covering. Separating twins will be good for both of them as there will be a smaller chance for injuries.

    The 4 longest lengths. Fit the 4 large Rails with the lath support on the inside and at the bottom. Do not tighten up the connector bolts fully. This will make it easier for you to insert the rear safety rail assembly.

    Glue and insert the dowels in the safety rail end pieces 3. M5 x 50mm screws. These vary in design with the height of the bunk. The steps will fit to either side of the front.

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  • Glue and assemble the step assembly using the 40mm dowels. Fix with each step leg level with the underside of the bottom Front Rail and with the short leg against the corner post.

    cot bunk bed for twins Cot bunk bed for twins

    Front Safety Rails Assemble the front safety rails and secure to the corner post and the back of long step leg. M5 x 50mm screws Tighten up all the Connector Bolts but do not overtighten. If it is marking the leg it is tight enough.

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    Bracers 2 pieces Fit the 2 small bracing pieces to the inside of the back and front safety rails and secure to the large cross rails approximately half way across. M4 x 35mm screws Laths Lay out the Laths with the tapes to the top. Screw the end laths level with the end of the lath support rail.

    cot bunk bed for twins Cot bunk bed for twins

    Wood is a natural product and may need occasional inspection and the screws re-tightening.



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