cot bed with drop down side Cot bed with drop down side
cot bed with drop down side Cot bed with drop down side

Hi Ladies, does anyone else have the Boori Warritah homestead cot? I have no idea how I will reach to get her out when we move the mattress lower. Has anyone else had to deal with this?

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I didn't check this when we purchased it as I've never heard of a cot that the side doesn't drop down to get baby out of. Oldest Newest 20 Posts O Olibel JessAnn25 I'm happy to be corrected but I think from reading the American posts they no longer sell cots with drop down sides for safety reasons over there. Maybe other companies are phasing them out?

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  • I've honestly never used the drop down side of the cot and DD is 20 months. J JessicaA I dont have that particular model but we did have difficulty getting ours to drop down. You need to push the bottom of the front rail with your foot while you lift the top of the rail and then drop it down. It was really stiff and hard to maneuver to begin with. M MumToBoysAustralia The model I have which is a boori doesn't drop down either but we've set it up to be higher at first anyway so it's ok h hanwahh Our boori was really hard and stiff, and we had to use our foot to push it in If you are average or tall height, you will be fine: I have an old one which still does though.

    Does it have the rails on the side that indicate it should drop? It is just as easy to lean over ours. You might find the same thing. So you shouldn't have a problem with getting them out at that stage. We then moved the nursery to another room and it works perfectly now. Not sure what was going on with it n naysss JessAnn25 If u bought it new, contact boori and I'm sure they'll help you out.

    I had dramas with the drop side on a Tasman Eco and they sent technicians to my house. The side was replaced free of charge as it was under warranty. And all you ladies saying you didn't use the drop side are mental!

    The Safe-T Bed is ideal for children who require higher lateral protection than provided by traditional style beds with drop down side rails, but do not require a higher-sided care cot solution with doors. The height of the crib can be adjusted in 6 positions and can be slightly inclined 2 notches from one side to the other in order to help the child to breathe better. This means a safe working height is provided for carers and parents so that potential back injury and muscle strain is minimised when attending to a child?

    No way my back could stand bending over the side holding kg of wriggling toddler! J JessAnn25 JessAnn25 Thanks for your responses, yes it's brand new current model, the side is definitely fixed as it is bolted, as others have said it must just be the way they are making them now for safety reasons. I'mnot short just normal height so it should be fine, also I realised it isn't so low when mattress is in cot.

    cot bed with drop down side Cot bed with drop down side

    We've got a boori, only one side drops down. When dh put it together, he accidentally had it with the drop down side against the walls. Took me weeks to work out why the side wouldn't go down. Eventually we realised and turned it around.

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  • And like pp, ours was stiff to put down. I've got to pull up on the side and then push against the bottom rail I do so with the bottom of my leg to release it. So maybe it's the new style cots are being made as? I was surprised with Americans considering it a safety issue considering all the cots I had looked at had drop down sides lo is only 13 months.

    It looks like they ate being phased out by manufactures. I have never used my drop down side its a pain in the ass by the time lo was 10 kg he was standing in his cot, making it easier to pick him up.

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