cot bed to what age Cot bed to what age

Making the move from cot to bed We show you how to make the transition from cot to bed a smooth one 05 July Phumzile Mavuso 0 Comment iStock Source Share Remember that each child will be different.

The techniques that work for one might not work for another.

cot bed to what age Cot bed to what age

That said, there are some basic guidelines that will help get you started. Is it time for the big move?

A flattening to one side of his head This is due to him always lying on the same side of his head. We're confident that it won't need any medical intervention, or helmet which were some of the options we'd researched and discussed with the GP either through the NHS or private.

He is getting too big for his cot. That little explorer of yours is going to try everything he can to get out of his cot and wake you up to play in the middle of the night. You need the cot for another baby. If baby number two is on the way and you only have one cot in the house, you may want to consider moving your older baby into a bigger bed. Sleepless nights and potatoes Preparing for the move Making the move as easy as possible is imperative to its success.

Try these tricks to get him excited by and comfortable with the move: Get your little one used to the idea by talking about it for a while before actually making the move. If there is resistance to the idea of the big bed, make an outing of buying the bed and let your toddler choose his new bedding.

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This will make him feel empowered and that he is part of the decision around this big event. Start off by letting your child choose where he wants to have his naps during the day. If he chooses the big bed but ends up playing on it and not settling down, move him back to the cot.

This will teach him that beds are for sleeping in and not for playing on. Give your child positive associations: You could read him a short story every time you put him into his new bed and give him and extra cuddle before you walk out. Tell him that sleeping in his new bed is exciting but it is the same as sleeping in his cot and that he must close his eyes and rest after the story and cuddle.

If your toddler is being potty trained then the move to a big bed can wait. Invest in a mattress protector: To ensure easy cleaning after inevitable nappy leaks and toilet-training accidents, and to prevent staining of the new mattress. How long should a nap be? Staying in bed Once your toddler is happy to take all his naps in the new bed, see if he wants to start sleeping the night in it.

You may also offer to stay with him in the room until he falls asleep for the first few nights.

cot bed to what age Cot bed to what age

If you get your tot to settle down in his own bed try not to move him back to your bed or to the cot again for any reason.

A good strategy to adopt if your toddler experiences nightmares or insists on coming into your room at night and asks to sleep in your bedroom, is to tell him he may but he must bring his own blanket and pillow and let him sleep on the floor. Try not to make it too comfortable; this will help him choose his own bed over the floor in your bedroom. Stick to the bedtime routine you established even after the move — bathtime, bedtime stories, kisses and hugs should stay the same.

Check that there is nothing on the inside of the cot that your baby can use as a foothold to help him climb out. If you are breastfeeding, you could try removing your nipple just as they appear to be falling asleep, rather than waiting until they are, and thereafter, you could try removing it just a little earlier still. If you have any further queries please contact us.

In fact, getting your child into a big bed might be one of the most exciting milestones of his little life. However, prepare yourself for some upsets, even if they come a little further down the line. Do Let important people, such as caregivers and teachers know about this big transition so they can keep you posted if there are any behavioural problems associated with the change.

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  • Reward him with positive words and affection after he has slept through the night. Give him a hug and tell him how proud you are of him for sleeping through a whole night in his big bed. Sit on a chair next to his bed until he is asleep if your child is feeling a bit apprehensive. As time goes on sit further from the bed and let him try falling asleep on his own.

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  • Keep the process simple and positive. Give in to his crying and fussing. Bribe him to stay in bed. You need to encourage positive sleep associations with his new big bed. Tip Before making this change make sure that your child is healthy. If he resists the change it may not be only because of the psychological factors. Look at every possible reason for the resistance as it might be that your baby is ill.



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