cot bed teething protector Cot bed teething protector

I posted this tutorial 2.

I put it on myself, and it really was not a big deal. Of course it didn't stop her from trying to chew on the rails, but atleast now when she did, it was something soft that couldn't be swallowed, and she had more fun hearing the squeeky sounds that she could make with her mouth rubbing it against the gummies. Does not detract from the crib Quick and simple to install Easy to wipe down and clean Disadvantages:

You can find me on Pinterest here. If you make one of these and post a picture, please let me know so I can pin it or re-pin it. The pictures in the tutorial below are for the first crib rail guard I made for my son. I made another last year for my daughter, along with everything else I made for her nursery: My ignorance and naivety…oooh! I found the stick on plastic and rubber guards, but those, I felt, would make the crib look worse and leave behind a sticky residue. Then I saw a few cloth teething guards listed on sites like Etsy.

cot bed teething protector Cot bed teething protector

After a lot of digging around on Google, I never really turned up a tutorial that showed me exactly what I wanted to make, so I winged it. That says a lot considering I just got a sewing machine for Christmas and have only ever made a couple nursing covers, thanks to this blog. So, without further rambling, I present to you my haphazard tutorial on how to whip up one of these puppies. However, let me state for the record that I am no sewing expert!!

Measure the length of the side of the crib you are making the cover for from inside corner to inside corner. Add 2 inches to this measurement for your length. I decided to make mine 9 inches wide, but I have a pretty fat crib rail. Now, I did have to do some additional math since I decided to make that front guard out of three pieces of fabric instead of just one. I really hope all this is making sense. I knew I should have written this before the glass and a half of wine.

Cut your quilted fabric to the exact width you want your final measurement to be. Since you only have a yard of this, you are going to have to sew together two pieces for the long guard. Lay your decorative fabric strip face down, fold up the sides half an inch and press with an iron, starting with the long sides first, followed by short sides. Center the quilted fabric, right side up on top of the decorative fabric.

The instructions are quite simple, but very easy to follow. We charge extra for limited editions as these are all sent courier due to their value. Your teething baby will also not able to reach and chew on edge of slat.

Then fold the decorative fabric half an inch over the quilted fabric, press and pin. For the long guard, I made bows that tied the guard together at 5 spots either end around the corner posts and three down the middle.

Each bow needs two long strips of fabric, one on each side of the guard matched up.

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  • Then I folded each in half lengthwise, pressed them, stitched down the long side and one short side, and turned right side out.

    This was, by far, the biggest PITA. Place your ties for the bows. I just took the raw guard and placed it over the crib, then marked with some pins where I wanted each bow to tie so that it would be centered between the crib rails.

    Straight stitch around the entire guard at the edge of the folded seam closest to the exposed quited fabric.

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  • Then fold the ties back and stitch again all the way around, this time closest to the outer edge. I also reinforced each tie by back-stitching over each one. Place over your crib rail, double knot it and tie it up. Note- these ties are long, but I made them that way so that I could double knot them and, on the corners, double wrap them around the posts.

    If the length makes you leery, you could certainly shorten them. Repeat the same steps with adjusted measurements for the other two gaurds. Hope that makes sense! If you are a sewing goddess, feel free to chime in with tweaks and tips!

    I do think it turned out pretty cute.

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    Kendall likes to chew on it. Kendall is 9 months and 1 week old.



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