cot bed reviews 2017 Cot bed reviews 2017

Best Cot Mattress Reviews: Comprehensive Buying Guide Children are a wonderful addition to our families. To ensure these bundles of joy grow up to be healthy, fit and strong, it is important to provide them with ample and refreshing rest at all times.

That is why we bring you the best cot mattresses in the market. All of these products are made from superior quality material. They are durable, healthy-easy to clean and maintain, and comfortable for the baby. All the products have excellent moisture management structures that allow in air while keeping wetness away. The mattresses are made in standard cot dimensions.

Best cot mattress reviews 1. It is firm, making it SIDS-safe. A bonnell spring interior gives the mattress a nice bounce and ensures it lasts for long, perhaps even through a couple or so more kids. The water-resistant cover and water-proof liner ensure no fluids get inside the mattress, thus keeping away mould and mildew.

The cover is also hypoallergenic and breathable.

cot bed reviews 2017 Cot bed reviews 2017

If you are looking for a supportive and comfortable cot mattress that is safe for your little one and will last for years, the Cosatto Springi mattress is one of the best. The washable quilt membrane can be fitted in both head foot positions.

The dimensions x70cm makes the mattress able to fit all junior and cot beds. The mattress, which is manufactured in Britain at high and professional standards. Care has been put in its development to ensure superior comfort level. It is entirely breathable and waterproof. Its cover is machine washable at 60 degrees. Mother Nurture has ensured that only high-quality spring unit to support baby shape and position.

The dimensions are the standard x70cm to fit any cot or junior bed. The spring support uses individualised spring units to ensure that each spring acts independently. The cot bed mattress has awesome internal airflow that lets bouts of air into the core.

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  • The mattress is also anti-allergenic and is treated with Purotex which keeps germs and allergens at bay. The quilt is water resistant but is machine washable at 40 degrees. The cot mattress has dimensions of x60x The manufacturer gives a generous warranty of 3 months for parts only. Clevamama Support Mattress Ensure that your child has a restful time sleeping with the comfort and support found in the Clevamama ClevaFoam Support Mattress.

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  • The mattress is manufactured using fine quality Hypo-allergenic foam which is also PH balanced and toxin free which makes it suitable for babies that suffer asthma and other allergies. The cover is removable and suitable for machine washing. The mattress has also been tested and proven to prevent and correct the Plagiocephaly syndrome Flat head syndrome common among young babies. Clevamama has also been endorsed and certified by a German institute for its breathability, thermal and comfort qualities.

    The exclusive AirFlow fabric expels moisture and increases the uptake of fresh air. Read our full review of Clevamama Support Mattress. Cot mattress buying guide Knowing which cot mattress to buy is very important if you are keen on ensuring that you baby is safe and comfortable while sleeping. There are many types of cot mattresses in the market today but it is very important to know that not all cot mattresses are created equal.

    This cot mattress buying guide highlights some of the very important things you should look out for when choosing the best cot mattress.

    We consider it an ideal cot bed for a newborn child because firmness and comfort are its primary qualities. So if your dog lives indoors, you might not want to spend the extra. A bed and sofa conversion kit is also available allowing the cot to be used up to teenage years.

    How safe is the cot mattress? Safety comes high on the priority list when choosing a cot mattress. Here are some tips to help you go about this: Be sure that you choose a size that will complement your cot. This means that the mattress should either snuggle the cot or leave gaps that are no wider than 4cm.

    Ensure that your choice mattress is firm and flat. Ensure that the mattress is covered with waterproofing material. Check whether the mattress conforms to safety standards and other such regulations. The more the certifications on a mattress the better it is. Ensure the mattress has the BS While it is recommended that one goes for new mattresses; a new mattress may be a financial stretch to some.

    More to that, there are some second hand mattresses that will give you value for money than your average new one. Here are some of the things to check for when buying a second hand mattress.

    Ensure that the cot mattress is still in good condition; that is; it is firm, flat and fits the cot properly without sagging or leaving gaps. Ensure that it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried.

    Ensure that the mattress was previously used with a waterproof covering. The qualities you should be keen on There are some qualities that you should put a keen eye on. Having these right will ensure that you get value for money. The mattress cot size Here, you are checking for both thickness, length and the width of the mattress.

    Basically, your cot dictates whether you will go for the standard 56xcm dimensions or the 60xcm continental dimensions. The wrong size of mattress poses a very great danger to your baby. It is possible to have a mattress custom made to fit the requirements of your cot. Any mattress that is around cm deep is enough to comfortably support your child. Easy to clean material It is important to keep the mattress hygienic and therefore a material that is easy to clean in preferable.

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    A mattress with PVC-covering is advisable. You can also go for one with a removable top panel that you can machine wash at warm or high temperatures.

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  • Firmness and thickness Put some pressure on the mattress when choosing to ensure it is firm rather than soft. Remember to compare the firmness at the center and that of the edges. Thin mattresses dent easily and lose their form. Types of cot mattresses There are basically five types of cot mattresses that you can choose from.

    Let us look at each one of them in detail. Foam mattresses Foam mattresses are usually the most pocket friendly. The most basic version is made of a single layer of foam and then covered entirely with a waterproof PVC cover that is wipe-cleanable. Some versions of PVC mattresses have ventilation holes.

    cot bed reviews 2017 Cot bed reviews 2017



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