cot bed reflux wedge Cot bed reflux wedge

A clever little pod that allows you to let your baby nap anywhere, even in bed with you. Infant safe zips around the bumper allow for easy changing. The Oeko-Tex certified fabric is proven to be safer and more hygienic for young babies. Would you recommend this to other mums?

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  • How did the product make your life easier? With this the baby could be put in their own cot from birth, as they won't be able to move around, and I think it would be safe to do so. It is portable, so it could be moved around at home too. Would you choose this product to win? I'm sure it could be used for quite a few months from newborn, even if you have a longer taller baby, as there is a buckle at the bottom, which could be closed or opened for the comfort of your baby.

    What changes would you make to the product? How did this product make your life easier? It is by no means a necessity, however, if you can afford to spend such money on a product like this then it would make a lovely purchase.

    It creates a cocoon-type 'pod' in which baby can sleep, and I have to say touch wood my five month-old has slept very well in it, and appears to be snug and cosy. From this point of view it could make an excellent purchase. It can also be used for tummy time. This is obviously a bonus when co-sleeping in your bed or on a sofa. I have never used sleep products with either of my two boys and have generally been lucky when it comes to them sleeping, despite my second having quite severe reflux.

    It is hard to compare to other products as I don't have much experience, however, if you are looking for something to keep your baby contained, cosy and transferrable, then this may be the product for you. What changes would you make to this product? I would have initially commented on the plain white colour of the product, which is quite impractical for keeping clean, but I am now aware that Sleepyhead do sell a range of colours and designs, so this issue may be irrelevant.

    It has handles at various ends of the product that make for easy carrying, and it comes in a plastic container that can be used for transporting it. I would recommend it as it is a comfortable and safe place for baby to co-sleep with parents, and can be used to ease the transition from crib to cot bed.

    I was never going to consider co-sleeping with my baby, but this product has allowed me to do so safely, knowing that my baby is safe and secure within the sleepyhead. Both my husband and I have found using the sleepyhead reduces the time to settle our baby down.

    Also, it is a lighter way to travel with a baby as instead of using a travel cot, you can use the sleepyhead either on the floor or, as we did, on the hotel bed, which makes space for suitcases. Although the price of the Sleepyhead is quite high, what you are getting for the money is very good.

    Since using our sleepyhead our baby has gone from waking up twice in the night to not waking up at all and sleeping through.

    Other than that the product has satisfied us and we are considering getting the next size up once our baby has outgrown this one. Definitely, the safety being the number one reason, and the design is sleek and would fit with any nursery.

    It's washable and my little finds it very comfortable, which relieves a lot of stress. It also stopped our little boy from rolling and getting his legs caught in his crib, which was quite scary and dangerous. I love when it's five am and I'm not ready to get up, so can bring the baby in with me, knowing he is safe in his pod.

    The only down side I can find is that he will soon be able to roll out of it he's now five months and I won't be able to do this anymore. It's lightweight and portable, so I can take it with me to my parents and grandparents, and means he always has a familiar sleeping place where he is comfortable and safe. Other brands are also all very different. The only thing I would change about the product is the price.

    It is a little steep and as a mum of four I would struggle to warrant the purchase over other essentials. It is easy to wash and I fitted my own cot sheet over the top for extra hygiene.

    We used this product as an in-between as our son had outgrown his Moses basket. It fitted lovely in his cot bed without us having to worry about him rolling around too much.

    I also co-sleep with him and liked having him on the bed in his own safe place, knowing he couldn't fall out or roll to an unsafe place. We have considered buying one of these for a while, as all my friends with babies seem to have one, and it also appeared to be the product we could use for longer, size wise. I like that it allows me to in my view safely co-sleep with my baby and move him easily around the house without waking him. This is the biggest problem I had with this product.

    My son has reflux. After feeding I have to keep him upright for at least 30 minutes. We have him at an angle when he sleeps, either with the use of a wedge or with a Cocoonababy designed for babies with reflux.

    I am sure this is already in the pipeline, however, if he is lying flat in it he rarely sleeps for more than half an hour until reflux wakes him. This product is fantastic!!! Before receiving this product, I didn't even know it existed. Before testing this product, my 3 month old son found sleeping on a standard pillow or even a duvet much more comfortable than his standard mattress and often never stirred once throughout the night.

    This product is excellent and means he can sleep in a smaller space but still with the added padding and comfort. The Sleepyhead Deluxe is extremely simple to use and stores away really well.

    It can be taken anywhere we go and is really useful when staying elsewhere because your baby is already used to the smell and comfort and therefore it is like "home from home". This is because I am able to take this anywhere with me and know that my son is comfortable and happy because he is used to it.

    I cannot praise this product enough. My son instantly settled the moment I put him into it.

    cot bed reflux wedge Cot bed reflux wedge

    When my son takes a nap during the day, he often fights his sleep and can often take a while to finally drift off to sleep. This product completely eliminates this and I have found from the moment I tried him with the product, he instantly relaxed and fell straight asleep.

    I have never seen this product advertised, but I will definitely be recommending to others. I know a few mums who have struggled with the transition from moses basket to cot, presumably because their babies feel daunted by the prospect of a larger space and intimidated because of this.

    I believe this product with completely eliminate this problem, leaving mother and baby much happier.

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  • On occasion my baby has been known to drool vomit when asleep and therefore this would really stand out on the bright, white product. My thoughts on this would be maybe changing the colour to a pale lemon. Therefore it would be unisex and may help contribute to it looking cleaner for longer. I understand that the product will be cleaned regularly, however if the colour was different, the product would seem cleaner for longer.

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  • The Sleepyhead Deluxe has worked brilliantly for us! My baby was quickly growing too big for his Moses basket and while he slept well in his crib at night time, he didn't seem to want to sleep in his crib during the day so resorted to sleeping on me!

    The Sleepyhead Deluxe makes my life easier as I am now put baby down for a nap during the day, meaning I can actually get things done, have a shower, do some housework! Not a big deal though as I know the cover is washable. It also keeps baby safe and in the right position while sleeping. The price tag is very large and for a lot of people they may be put off by that but it is well worth the money.

    The product helped my son sleep, which is exactly what the product is designed to do. It reduced the space in his crib so he felt more secure and he can't roll anywhere so seems to get a more restful sleep. It's lightweight and easily portable. It is washable however not the easiest to reassemble afterwards, which I discovered after my son had a vomiting bug.

    Room for improvements for this product design. Step 3 Roll a towel or stack pillows on the crib base at the head of the crib only.

    Spare covers are very expensive, but may be a necessity for a sicky baby. I feel I can put my son down to sleep and be confident that his naps will be restful and I worry a lot less over night as he can't roll over as he sometimes did!

    Being able to easily transport it around the house so he can nap on it downstairs or upstairs has been great. I have also used this product for tummy time and I like that he is secure when doing that and can't roll too far then either!

    I think this product could make sleep a lot more peaceful for many parents.

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    I think the price would put a lot of people off buying it, however I do believe that if they took the plunge, they would not regret it. Babies get sick or have nappy explosions and therefore having a spare cover or more reasonably priced covers would make life easier.

    We had to go without the product for a couple of nights when my son was poorly as I couldn't tumble dry most of it and it had not dried in time for use. This affected the consistency with bed time which was more traumatic to him as he was not well. I have already recommended to so many parents. I wish I had known about this product with my first boy!

    My little boy sleep so well, you can tell he feels so comfy and secure. We have taken it away on holiday and it's great how he never knows his bed had changed as he always has his Sleepyhead. I love how it fits in is crib and now his cot. I want one for me!

    cot bed reflux wedge Cot bed reflux wedge

    I have a piece of mind that he is sleeping safely and love the fact that he wakes up happy. I have had a totally different child sleep wise to my first and I do put it down to the Sleepyhead.

    All filling materials are sourced from world-leading suppliers of materials with hygienic and non-toxic properties. The mattress wadding pad must be hand-washed. If still somewhat damp, lay flat to dry.

    It is very portable which has made our little breaks away a lot easier especially with limited space in the car. Instead of having to take a travel cot I know it can rest on top of a bed and he is safe where he sleeps.

    It feels soft and comfy yet firm and safe. As soon as he is surrounded by the Sleepyhead he knows where he is and starts to settle for sleep almost instantly. The additional covers are very expensive for the Sleepyhead and it doesn't come with one. It would be nice to have one or to even reduce the price especially when the price of the Sleepyhead is so costly.



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