cot bed guard ikea Cot bed guard ikea

Look for cribs and furniture made only with real wood not engineered wood, MDF, composite board, or particle board so that you can ensure your furniture was made without the use of glues and chemicals. VOC stands for volatile organic compound, which are essentially toxic chemicals.

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This is so important! Manufacturers that obtain the Greenguard Gold certification meet the strictest standards for indoor air quality and chemical composition — their furniture is tested for over 10, chemicals and more than VOCs in a state-of-the-art steel chamber setting. I would personally never buy a crib that does not have this certification. I would rather you buy a Greenguard Gold-certified crib that contains MDF or plywood than buy a crib without this certification.

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  • Manufactured outside of Asia, preferably. Plan ahead if possible. Romina Furniture Made in Romania: We love our Romina Furniture.

    The base of your toddlers bed There are so many different types of toddler beds available box spring, wooden slats, flat top, steel frame, etc. If you want the freedom to move your toddlers bed away from the wall while keeping him safe at night then this is the ideal bed rail for you. Since they are held in place by the fitted sheet, they can be set up in seconds.

    Their furniture also includes additional safety features, such as anti-tilting hardware, baby-proof gliding drawers, and plastic-safety triggers for removing drawers. We purchased the Karisma Classic Crib and 6-drawer dresser, although they have several collections that you can choose from.

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  • Natart Juvenile Made in Canada: I like solid wood mattress supports for two reasons: The solid wood mattress support is the main reason I wish we bought a Natart crib instead of a Romina crib but I am still very happy with our Romina furniture.

    They deliver to anywhere in the United States. Additionally, no chemicals or chemical preservatives are used in the manufacturing of their nursery furniture.

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  • Silva Furniture Made in Romania: First, Silva Furniture is not Greenguard-certified. Though they use solid Beechwood, dovetailed drawers, and non-toxic no-VOC finishes, Silva does not have the Greenguard certification to help keep costs low. And, Silva Furniture has fewer collections and fewer customization options than Romina, also helping to cut costs. Silva has four furniture collections I love the Jackson collection and five finishes, while Romina has 10 collections, 25 finishes, and other customization options.

    Silva Furniture is still absolutely stunning and well-made.

    cot bed guard ikea Cot bed guard ikea

    Knowing it is made by Romina, I would still encourage anyone to consider their furniture. Nest and Tulip are manufactured by Natart Juvenile. All cribs and furniture made under these brands are Greenguard Gold certified, but the main difference I have identified between these brands and Natart is that some Nest and Tulip furniture may include wood veneers.

    cot bed guard ikea Cot bed guard ikea

    Natart Furniture, on the other hand, is made exclusively from solid wood. Nest offers more of a classic crib design, whereas Tulip furniture is a little more modern and pretty unique, in my opinion.

    Both brands offer solid wood mattress supports. Though they include wood veneers in some of their pieces, Nest and Tulip furniture is extremely well-made. I would still encourage you to consider these options if Natart and Romina are out of budget.

    Now the downside to all of the previous bed rails is that they are not portable. This bed rail is perfect for those of you that travel with your toddlers. If you want the freedom to move your toddlers bed away from the wall while keeping him safe at night then this is the ideal bed rail for you.

    Their signature modern design adds a really elegant touch to any nursery. The company uses non-toxic water-based paints on their furniture and wood glues when they use them at all. In addition to their cribs, Oeuf also makes a complete line of nursery furniture.

    Check out their full collection of furniture here.



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