cot bed gro to bed Cot bed gro to bed

It's just the quality of their products that has always drawn me back to them when I have needed something to do with the boys that I know that they sell.

My eldest thinks this is great as its colourful. Other tips and tricks: I was glad to see that the sleeping sac washes and dries very well.

So when I was contacted recently and asked if would like to collaborate with them I jumped at the chance. The first thing they have asked me to do is to review one of their products.

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After looking on their website the only thing we didn't have that would be beneficial to us, and them to make a good review, was the Gro-to-Bed. I loved the look of these and when they said they would be happy to send one out to be reviewed I was so excited!

As Noah is not yet in a bed and is still in his cot I have reviewed the Gro-to-Bed with Finley my 4 year old.

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  • Now he has never been the best sleeper and is constantly kicking off the sheets, which leads to shouting in the middle of the night for his duvet to be replaced, I just knew the Gro-to-Bed was going to change our sleep for the better. It arrived just a few days after I had chosen which one we would like. We had gone for the Racing Ahead design which goes perfectly with Finley's bedroom.

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  • It is a white sheet with a green stripy pillow and a duvet covered in track marks ranging from blue to green in colour. It looks just as good in person as it did on the website. After washing, I put it straight on Finley's bed and he couldn't wait to get into bed that night.

    Finley's bed has sides to it already but the great thing about the Gro-to-Bed is that if you are changing a cot to a cot bed, for instance, and it doesn't have sides, the Gro to Bed will act as side because of the two zips either side of the sheet.

    cot bed gro to bed Cot bed gro to bed

    The zips are half way up the sheet and are very easy to zip up and down, with or without a child in the bed.

    The other great thing about having the zips is the duvet will not move so your child wont lose their duvet during the night, causing them to get cold or irritated. Another great feature is the pillow case as it is attached to the sheet. There is no worry of your child moving and getting their head under the pillow as they sleep. Also for their comfort it wont move in the night and find them sleeping on just the sheet and mattress.

    Opinions differs on when you should consider the transition. So is it worth skipping straight to an adult sized single bed?

    The quality of the sheet and duvet is great, soft and perfect for little ones to sleep in. Finley absolutely loves it and get a bit disappointed when its time to wash it and its back to the normal duvet while its being washed.

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