cot and bed difference Cot and bed difference
cot and bed difference Cot and bed difference

Tue Mar 04, Hi, I'm after a little advice please. After finally choosing my nursery furniture set, I've found that the cot bed is suitable for a mattress size L and W The set I originally wanted was to fit a mattress L and W70 so didn't even think of different size mattresses until reading the small details before ordering the furniture set.

If I bought a by 70 mattress will this be ok or a hazard for my baby??!

Made with natural latex foam, this pillow offers anti-microbial properties while gently supporting the head and neck. We found that, by using a co-sleeper, you can: Baby getting caught up and suffocating in the blankets Baby falling off the bed Not hearing and being able to best care for baby because she is in another room Accidentally falling asleep while sitting up with baby to feed her A co-sleeper crib solves all safety problems while still enabling the closeness, bonding, and nursing opportunities so important to the early stages.

I've tried google search and all they seem to want to do is sell me a mattress not give me advice! So I thought I would turn to you trusty people Fri Aug 01, 7: Sun Sep 01, 8: Cot bed mattress help!

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  • If I have read it right the mattress is slightly bigger than the bed? It shouldnt make a difference the mattress will just be a nice snug fit. If its that the bed is bigger than the matress its only by 1cm so I would of thought its fine.

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    My mattress for my crib isn't an exact fit but ita the one that came with it xx Fri Aug 01, 8: Fri Feb 07, 4: Hi ya, that wouldn't be a harm to your baby coz the only thing that is a concern is if the mattress is too small baby might get a leg or arm etc trapped between mattress and cot but as yours is 1cm longer this isnt going to be the case.

    If anything it might just be too long to physical fit in the cotbed.

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  • They come wrapped so you could buy the mattress and see how it fits amd if it doesn't fit can take it back? Xx Fri Aug 01, 8: Thanks for the advice I thought it would be the case - if the mattress is slightly bigger then the cot I'll be ok.

    But being my first baby I thought I'd double check.

    cot and bed difference Cot and bed difference

    I think I'll buy one and try it once I get my furniture if they come in a wrapper. Thanks again Fri Aug 01, Sun Nov 17, 2: You could try speaking to the company you're buying the mattress from. Explain the slight size difference and check their returns policy Sat Aug 02, 8:

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