convertible cot bed south africa Convertible cot bed south africa

This post has been recently updated. There are so many products you need to think about getting for your newborn baby. It can get overwhelming! You will have to make a big decision and think about where you want your baby to sleep for the first couple months. Most couples invest in a Moses basket or co-sleepers while others prefer to keep baby in the nursery from Day 1. The obvious products you will look at for sleeping, is the crib, baby monitor, blankets etc but the question is which brands should you consider and what exactly is available on the market?

I always try to invest in products that will last me long-term. Personally, I love co-sleeping especially since a C-Section recovery is difficult for the first 6 weeks. Suitable for children from newborn to the age of ten, with bed conversion kits. Maximum air circulation for a comfortable sleep. Lockable swivel wheels and height adjustable mattress base. Style with Optional textiles and accessories.

Clever Little Monkey has an awesome range of Wooden cots available. The Birdy 3-in-1 Convertible Cot grows with your baby. Soft closing drawer mechanisms to prevent slamming and trapped fingers. Vinyl edging of 2mm around all the corners and edges for safety. I chose not to buy a wooden cot because I wanted something easy to move around the house and travel long distance with. This product can be used from birth to 15kgs.

Folds easily with one hand. The only cot with an upper cot that folds with the frame. Unique zigzag legs pop cot open quickly and easily. Skid-proof feet keep sleep quiet and still Padded edges prevent finger pinches. Lush, quilted mattress pad over the cushioned bed above-ground base keeps baby draft-proof. Sturdy aluminum frame is easy to transport. The Lullaby Magic Travel Cot features a removable bassinet fixture for newborns, a nightlight with music and nature sounds.

Also included, a mobile with detachable plush toys. Elevated change table that clamps safely onto the cot frame. The storage organiser keeps wipes, nappies and other baby essentials close at hand.

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  • The quilted mattress is easily removed and is machine-washable. Battery operated control panel. Folds up compactly for easy storage. Free carry bag included. The 3-in-1 Close to Me Bouncer is one of their newest innovations! Easily shifts through 3 modes of use: High Seat Mode by the dining table — lets your baby be part of the family from day one.

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    Soothing Mode with reclined seat — soothes and comforts baby with 25 mins of soothing or playful music. Bouncer Mode with calming vibrations relaxes baby at sofa level.

    convertible cot bed south africa Convertible cot bed south africa

    Portable, movable and compact, this product has two rear wheels and easily folds flat — perfect for storage. Will be using mine religiously especially for naps during the day. My son Kiaan loved it and used it a lot during the first 6 months. Easily converts from seat to cozy napper.

    Attaches easily and securely to bed. The custom of the " bed of justice " upon which the king of France reclined when he was present in parliament , the princes being seated, the great officials standing, and the lesser officials kneeling, was held to denote the royal power even more than the throne.

    Soothing movements rock your baby in all 3 reclining positions. Adjustable canopy helps create a serene, cozy environment.

    After about a year of refining designs, prototypes were made and the dream became a reality. At this time great personages were in the habit of carrying most of their property about with them, including beds and bed-hangings, and for this reason the bedsteads were for the most part mere frameworks to be covered up; but about the beginning of the 16th century bedsteads were made lighter and more decorative, since the lords remained in the same place for longer periods. The 14th century is also the time when feather beds became highly prized possessions.

    Electronic toy with adorable soft toys engages and amuses baby. The cradling contours of the Hammock and the gentle movement of the spring provide a familiar, secure environment that soothes and settles even the most restless baby.

    Each Kulala Baba Organic Hammock is hand-made from the highest quality, organic materials to provide a comfortable and safe place for your baby to sleep. The Hammock is made from an untreated, undyed, natural hemp and organic cotton fabric and the mattress inner from a wool and polyester blend.

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  • The Hammock and mattress can be washed in a washing machine on a regular cycle. The Next2me crib allows Mom to sleep close to her baby. With Next2me baby sleeps safely in his crib. Mom sleeps close to baby allowing her to cuddle or breastfeed when necessary. Attaches easily and securely to bed. Adjustable to 6 different heights, to adapt to any type of bed.

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  • Equipped with a soft breathable mattress and a mesh window for excellent ventilation. The Crib has wheels which make easy to move from one room to another. Compact, fits into a practical carry bag. This travel cot is ideal from birth to 2 years and is equally suitable for an extended trip or to use it at home, for sleep and play, indoor and outdoor. Created with love in Sweden with a strict emphasis on design and comfort, there is simply nothing else like it on the market that allows mothers to feed, soothe, and bond with baby.

    The Lulla Doll The Lulla doll was designed as a sleep companion to give babies comfort and a feeling of closeness when their parents need to be away.

    They also relied on advice from a team of doctors, nurses, and psychologists during the development. The positive effects of closeness suggested by multiple scientific research are: Its secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents the involuntary, jerky movement of the arms and legs of young babies that can wake up your infant. The clever heart shape is designed for a snug fit with a neck area cut out so that their arms can be snugly wrapped near to the body and face with no need for poppers, Velcro or ties.

    The deep hug of the stretchy cotton imitates the womb environment that ensures your baby feels as cozy and secure as those last days in the womb. The RockaRoo flips the swing on its head. It rocks like a rocking horse, which maximizes the sensation of motion for your baby. With advanced robotic technology. The RockaRoo mimics the soothing movements of a rocking horse at a speed most comfortable for your baby. Also, the bassinet allows parents a total view of their baby thanks to its breathable mesh fabric, which provides at the same time fresh air flow to your little one.

    Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion There has been a lot of controversial comments over this product but moms who have colicky babies swear by it and the product has done extremely well in the USA.



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