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  • I have had the opportunity to see quite a few of the boys on their way through here en route to their decompression center and BEER!

    It is a good feeling to see them leave, but sad to see them leave. My way of saying, "one less person to worry about. We had a Timmy's and spoke for a few hours. It was good to see him. I am excited for his tour. I'm sure he'll be busy enough to enjoy himself and get to the gym.

    With only a few of us left here, I am getting ever closer to my return date.

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  • I look forward to seeing the unit once again. I am excited to wear the kilt on a "more regular" basis and turn in these tans My gym schedule is ongoing nicely and both my jobs keep me busy. The temperature this summer is a bit cooler than the last time I was here. I recall 50 degrees this time last tour. The scenery has not changed much, other than the faces of the new guys whom have arrived in strength. The dust still blows and the "pond" still reeks.

    Having a westerly wind doesn't help much either. I do believe I will rid myself of the clothes which I have brought here as I doubt I can wash out the stench! I have seen the regiment's website. I saw there was an exercise in Drumheller. It looked like it was fun. I do hope everyone who attended had a good experience. I also saw the parade at the museum. Everyone looked like they were in the right dress in the right place at the right time.

    Hopefully the drill reflected it too My wife has returned to the city with plans to get our house back up and running after her tour finished.

    She was in places that I was very familiar with for her duties. She can tell you about it if you see her. I have been in touch with a few of you through emails and such. May the summer bring you good golfing weather and plenty of shade to enjoy those yummy drinks on a patio or porch.

    calgary cot bed parts Calgary cot bed parts

    Please remember though, enjoy responsibly, because some of us only get a couple a month, once in a while, occasionally, maybe. For those who enjoy a summer holiday, let yourself relax and enjoy the time off.

    For those who are off to instruct or do something military, train hard and work hard. To those who are scholastically inclined, study your brains out! It'll pay off in the end. I will close this update out with saying that I will see some of you soon and the rest of you later.

    Take care and keep your head held high. Julien's Day Weekend April As is traditional, the Battle of Kitcheners' Wood was once again commemorated with a full slate of regimental activities, with several distinguished guests joining the Regiment in this Centennial year's edition of the St.

    The senior guest was Lieutenant General A. Despite a long and accomplished career in the British Army, this is his first visit to Canada.

    Educated at Eton College and Trinity College Cambridge, he commissioned into the Argylls and served as platoon and company commander in the U. He assumed his rank and post in May Mister Jack Whyte, past Regimental Bard, was another special invitee to the weekend's events as well.

    Born in Scotland but a long time resident of Canada, Mr. Whyte is a well-known author, poet, and vocalist.

    calgary cot bed parts Calgary cot bed parts

    A wreath was laid at the memorial to those who fell at the Battle of Kitcheners' Wood on April , the lament and reveille were played, and the Regiment marched back to Mewata Armouries. The reviewing stand, fittingly for this Centennial year, was located at Century Park just south of 8th and 8th. Lieutenant General Graham took the salute just as a Highland snow storm blew in.

    The traditional all-ranks reunion dinner will be held in May in commemoration of the Centennial of the Regiment; the traditional annual awards given at that dinner were instead presented in the Junior Ranks mess.

    Details of the Regimental Trophies can be found on this page. The Ensign's Award, for most proficient junior officer based on performance from April to March , as selected by the Commanding Officer and assisted by the Deputy Commanding Officer and Officers Commanding the companies, was awarded to 2nd Lieutenant Rysavy.

    The Overseas Battalion Award, recognizing the best junior non-commissioned officer in an infantry or combat support role, went to Corporal Li.

    Maureen - in honor of Milo Please donate via the Hospital Foundation page. But if you are watching the person you love the most die, you track their breaths, not cells.

    Milvain Award, recognizing the best junior non-commissioned officer in a non-combat role, went to Corporal Beck. The Lieutenant Colonel P. The Waterhouse Award, presented by the senior non-commissioned soldiers of the regiment to the most deserving junior rank for a broad range of achievements, was accepted by Master Corporal Rob Jackson.

    Fred Scott Award for outstanding athlete. The Regimental hockey team, The Oak Leafs, was also formally presented with the trophy for winning the inter-unit hockey league championship.

    Unfortunately, no information on this season has been provided to the webmaster.

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    Presentations of the Gallant Canadians award were also made. Information on the Gallant Canadians awards, a regimental honour, can be found on this page. In the rank of Toshach: In the rank of Chieftain: Major Craddock, for service as commanding officer of affiliated cadet corps. Captain Peter Boyle, for exceptional work in coordinating multiple Centennial projects including the Soldier's Memorial, the Battlefield Tour, overseeing the Committee, etc.

    Corporal Phil Bialek, for exceptional leadership as a junior rank in the unit and initiative beyond his rank level. Shelley Russell, for dedicated service to the Regimental Funds Foundation.

    Two promotions to Corporal were also made. After the formal parade, the soldiers and invited guests dismissed to the gallery area of the museum where the traditional oysters and Black Velvet were served.

    Tanks and Tartan is an overview of the year history of both the King's Own and the Calgary Highlanders and was created through the hard work of both regimental museums.



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