baby cot bed mattress protector Baby cot bed mattress protector
baby cot bed mattress protector Baby cot bed mattress protector

Without a cot mattress protector , a mishap in the cot could mean hours of washing and trying to dry a foam mattress, and worse still, having to live with the lingering smell of sour milk and baby sick. Since not all cot mattress protectors are created equal though, what should you look for when purchasing a mattress protector for your baby?

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  • What to look for? What material is used for the waterproof layer? Some cheaper mattress protectors use PVC, also known as vinyl, as waterproofing. While effective as waterproofing, PVC noisy to sleep on, and will leave baby hot and sweaty after a nap.

    Some waterproofing substances are also not safe for baby to sleep on. PVC or vinyl for example, is considered the most toxic form of plastic, releasing volatile chemicals into the air. The ProtectA-Bed cot mattress protector is tested for harmful substances according to the global Oeko-Tex Standard What material covers the waterproof layer?

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    Does it fit well? To be effective against leaks and to combat allergens, the product should fit snugly.

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  • The Protect-A-Bed cot mattress protector is like a fitted sheet, so will not crinkle with movement while effectively protecting the mattress. How is it cleaned? A good cot mattress protector should be fully machine washable and able to be tumble-dried without losing its waterproof qualities.

    The Protect-A-Bed cot mattress protector can be machine washed on hot, and tumble-dried on medium, with a wash durability rating of over 50 washes.

    baby cot bed mattress protector Baby cot bed mattress protector

    Will you have comeback if it fails? In the unlikely event that a Protect-A-Bed cot mattress protector should let a leak through, Protect-A-Bed will replace the product. The Protect-a-Bed cot mattress protector is available in the standard cot mattress size of x 66 x 12 cm as well as in standard bed sizes for older children. Your baby deserves a Protect-A-Bed cot mattress protector … because nothing should come between your child and a healthy, hygienic sleep.

    When it comes to a Sprung or Pocket Spring baby mattress, you have 6 cm deep springs covered by a 2 cm foam pad top and bottom. Infants lungs are still developing so you want to reduce the chance of any dust, toxins or off-gassing from affecting your newborn. Thoroughly clean the waterproof layer and ensure the mattress is clean and dry before making it up with fresh bed clothes.



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