small baby cot Small baby cot

Terms of Use Please read this if you are travelling with a small child This guide provides useful information for traveling with infants and the relevant services available at the airport and inside the plane.

We hope it will be useful during your flights with ANA. At the Departure Airport Support at the airport [Please reserve in advance by telephone] by 72 hours prior to departure Airport support is available from the check-in counter to the boarding gate to the lounge for passengers eligible to enter the lounge for an adult passenger traveling with 1 or more children who are all under 3 years of age.

Baby strollers Baby strollers are available for passengers with infants both types A and B are available. If you wish to use a baby stroller, please let us know when you check in. You can use a borrowed baby stroller type A or type B from the counter until the boarding gate.

Please confirm the items below if you wish to bring your baby stroller on board. You can confirm the size regulations for carry-on baggage for International flights here. If you do not have a case of your own, our staff will provide you with a plastic bag specifically for use with baggage.

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  • In-flight Bassinet [Please reserve in advance by telephone] Bassinets are provided on all international aircraft for infants not occupying a seat. Please apply by telephone. You will be able to find a lavatory which is equipped with a tabletop for changing diapers.

    Using carry-on beds for children When using portable bed products for children such as JetKids BedBox or Fly-Tot , please use a window seat or a center seat in the section between the aisles as a general rule.

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    These products cannot be used during taxiing, takeoff, landing, or when the fasten seat belt sign is turned on. As with other carry-on baggage, carry-on beds must be stored in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front during these times.

    Also during cruise, you may be asked to refrain from usage depending on the circumstances. In order to ensure a safe and comfortable flight, the cabin attendants will check on seatbelt usage and that other passengers are not being inconvenienced. Please make your request by phone. For details of the application method, menus, etc. Please confirm details at the time of reservation. Thank you for your understanding. Powdered milk Powdered milk is available on board.

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  • However, we recommend that you bring your own since there are limits in quantities and types. Our cabin crew will be happy to prepare it for you. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this service.

    If you return your item due to a fault, where possible, a replacement item will be provided. Babies must not share their bed with other children or pets.

    Paper diapers Paper diapers M size and L size are available on board. However, as there are limits in quantities and types, we recommend that you have an adequate supply of diapers for your trip. Goods for children ANA original toys ANA original toys are prepared for your little ones to make the journey more enjoyable. Please feel free to ask our cabin crew. Please do not hesitate to contact our cabin crew if you need further assistance.

    Please take care that children do not trap their fingers in the "armrests" or "tray tables. Take care not to trap your fingers. Please be aware of your children's safety Seats [Pre-assigning seats accepted] Seats can be pre-assigned either online or by telephone. For safety reasons, please note the following conditions will apply. Additionally, passengers traveling with an infant may not be seated in the same seat row as another passenger traveling with an infant due to limited oxygen mask vailability.

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  • Only seat pairs next to each other in row D and F, E and G can be assigned for the infant occupying a seat and the accompanying passenger onboard Business Class on the Boeing ER aircraft. See Information Regarding Seat Assignments for details.

    small baby cot Small baby cot

    At the connecting or arrival airport Support at the airport [Please reserve in advance by telephone] by 72 hours prior to departure Airport support is available for an adult passenger traveling with 1 or more children under 3 years of age. If the connecting flight will depart from a different terminal, airport staff will escort them to the shuttle bus area.



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