baby bed with drawers Baby bed with drawers

Baby furniture will fit your nursery easily, but is it practical long term?

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  • Here are some ideas that worked for other BabyCentre parents. Will having baby furniture make life easier?

    It plugs into a standard electrical outlet. Before you buy bedding set, choose bedding sets to fit your bed, the bed usually has a size of a standard—size, but there is also a twin size, king and queen.

    Our nursery is small so the baby furniture fits nicely. I also checked it was big enough for all the clothes, shoes and bedding.

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    The nursery is small, so furniture has to be adaptable - our changing table is now a bookcase! The rooms in our house are big with high ceilings and baby furniture would look a bit lost in them. We have a cot, chest of drawers, and a small cube-type unit with canvas boxes to store bits and bobs.

    Bulky things, like bedding and blankets, go in under-cot storage boxes. Babies cost enough as it is!

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  • She has a cot-bed, a toddler-sized table and chair , a bookcase and a full-sized adult wardrobe. I replaced the doorknobs with colourful, hand-painted versions that matched the style of the nursery.

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    baby bed with drawers Baby bed with drawers

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    baby bed with drawers Baby bed with drawers



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