baby cot that converts into bed Baby cot that converts into bed

What is the depth of the mattress? What is the depth of the mattress and what is it made of?

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  • LN Hi, the mattress is 10cm and made of anti allergy Fibre. Nursery Expert Can I pay to upgrade to a better mattress? I want to purchase this cotbed but would like to spend a little more to get a better mattress.

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  • Adrian Thickness of rails How thick are each of the rails on the sides of the cotbed? And how far apart are they spread from each other in cm please? Tee The rails on the sides are 2. Eve Argos From what age can it be used until it is not useful From: John Hi, this converts into a junior bed so can be used until roughly 4 years of age. Nursery Expert Can you specify in santemetres the 3 adjustable hights of the mattress? Ani4kabg Hi there, thanks for asking!

    baby cot that converts into bed Baby cot that converts into bed

    The three specific height measurements of the mattress are as follows. All of these measurements are taken from the floor up: Elliot Are you able to remove one side of the cot and keep one side on? I would like to put the cot next to my bed for easy access to my child at night From: Jaxie Hi, technically you can remove the side however we don't recommend this as there are no fixings to the bed so it could be possible for the baby to fall between the bed and cot. Nursery Expert Does the mattress have a removable cover From: Lisa Hi Lisa, yes the cover is removable and washable.

    Nursery Expert How can we register this product for 2 years guarantee? Tess Hi, Please contact Baby Elegance using the link below. Neil Any pics of it as the bed or converts to? Emma Hi Emma No I am sorry I am unable to find images of the junior bed however both sides come off when converting and the base lowers also. I hope this helps you: Samm argos Can the side be put down to lift baby out of the cot From: The base however has 3 positions so can be high enabling you to have easy access to your baby.

    Nursery Expert Can this cot be put in Attic when not in use. Will it fit when dismantled Thanks. Bat60 Hi there, yes indeed this can be dismantled very easily. Nursery Expert Can one side be kept off for when converting to junior bed to use as safety side? Emma Hi Emma, yes absolutely! Both sides come off when converting to a junior bed and the base lowers also.

    Recently reduced, you get not just a three-position cot but an over-cot baby changer, under-cot storage and a mattress. Sometimes you can buy a little extra time by putting her in a toddler sleeping bag, but ultimately, you'll have to make the move.

    Tess Hi there, the mattress is water resistant. Nursery Expert Hi i no it says cot bed does it turn into a bed after the cot is no longer needed From: Sue Taylor-jones Does Argos sell matress cover and bedding that is suitable for this cot bed? Can you please recommend what matress cover and bedding I can buy for this cot bed? These sheets are suitable from birth.

    It would depend on the age of the child to what type of bedding you would need. Eve Argos Does this conform to British safety standards? Shazell Hi there, yes I can confirm that they both conform to the British safety standards.

    Nursery Expert What's the age range for this bed? Looking for one that will do an 18 month old till they are about 5 years From: Mmer Hi there, yes this is the perfect cot bed for that. It is suitable for newborns right up to years of age. It converts to a junior bed as the child gets older and the base height is then set at a safe level for children to get in and out of bed. Nursery Expert Can one side be removed for co-sleeping From: Sam12 Hi Sam, unfortunately this wouldn't be recommended as there are no fixing with the cot bed to ensure it stays tight against your own bed.

    Nursery Expert Do the cot bed ends half when it turns into a bed and are the bars round or flat Id like to know if when this converts into a junior bed whether the ends at each side stay tall or do they half like on most cot beds and also are the bars round or flattened From: Ella Hi Ella, this cot bed converts to a junior bed by both ends shortening down.

    The spindles are round on the sides of the Travis cot bed also when it is in cot mode. Helen argos I have this cotbed and lost the instructions to put it togetger, do you have a online set of instructions? Kirsty No problem, if you drop an email through to parts babyelegance. Nursery Expert Is the Ecofibre matress relatively soft? I got the cicco next to me crib for my baby initially and the matress is rock hard - baby hates it!

    So i want to ensure the matress on this cot bed is softer and more comfortable before i buy. Jenton7 Hi there, the mattress that comes with the Travis cot bed is one of our softest mattresses yet still offers full support to your baby. Naya Hi there, unfortunately this item is only available to delivery direct to your home.

    It would be delivered within 4 days. Nursery Expert What type of mattress is included?

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    Caroline Hi there, I can advise that the mattress that is included is the one that is in the following link: Danny argos Is it a foam or spring mattress From: Phil Argos What is the maximum baby weight? Dearla Hi there, I can advise that this cot has a weight limit of 36kg.

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  • CFleming Hi there, I have looked into this and can advise that this cot can hold a baby up to 36kg in weight. Danny argos What material is this cot made from please?

    baby cot that converts into bed Baby cot that converts into bed

    Danny argos Dose this cot have a drop down side? Also can you leave 1 side off for co sleeping?

    Larger than a cot, but smaller than a single bed, a cotbed requires a mattress and bedding designed specifically for it. It is easy to assemble and use and is safe for your baby.

    Anon Hi there, I can confirm that this cot does not have a drop down side and one side can not be left off assembly.



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