baby cot bed mobiles Baby cot bed mobiles

Colourful rainforest themed mobile to entertain your baby Plays up to 18 minutes of music.

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  • Warm, glowing light to help soothe baby. The mobile has a lot going on with shiny leaves that wave gently up and down while a smiling dragonfly plays peek-a-boo. Plays classical music from Mozart, Beethoven and Bach and there are also soothing sounds of the rainforest. Once your baby is out of the cot, the mobile turns into a night light with the same soothing music.

    Have these stages personalized and emailed to you: Different types of baby mobiles There are two main types of baby mobiles available.

    Suitable from birth Batteries required: The mobile oozes fun for babies with its cute rainforest characters, peek-a-boo games and moving leaves. We adore the calming nightlight that will help teach baby about bedtime. Everything about this mobile suggests clever planning as the fun playtime aspect is balanced so well with the calming lights and music of bedtime. The fact that the mobile turns into a soothing nightlight with familiar sounds as your baby grows is probably our favourite bit as you older baby will be familiar with the sounds and lights for bedtime.

    The three characters attached to the mobile are removable for baby to play with.

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    Plays calming music for your baby to settle to. We love the simplicity of this mobile, no batteries needed, simply wind it up and let it play. We adore the colourful jungle theme that babies can enjoy and can play with the little characters as they detach from the mobile. We like that this mobile is quick and easy to attach to the side of the cot.

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  • As mobiles go, it is a reasonably priced one and will do the job of entertaining your baby and soothing them to sleep as any of its higher priced competitors. It has dangling moons, clouds and stars for your little one to watch from their cot.

    baby cot bed mobiles Baby cot bed mobiles

    The moons and stars hang down from beautiful grosgrain ribbon. The mobile is ideal to hang from a window to add those finishing touches to the nursery. We love the elegance of this mobile in its pure white and soft ribbons. We adore the softly padded moons, stars and cloud that dangle calmly in a nursery. It is the ideal addition to any nursery as the white will fit in anywhere.

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